Dedicated Support for Innovation Boutique Partners

Dedicated Support for Innovation Boutique Partners

In order to better serve our clients and especially our Partners, Innovation Boutique™ has strived to encourage open and stress-free communication regarding support requirements at all times. We are promoting an environment that not only makes it extremely simple for you to get in touch with us (thanks to a multitude of contact channels) but also allows us to assist you with quick and measurable results. We recognise the value of uncluttered communication and the peace of mind it offers, which is why we designed our dedicated Premium Support portal to make requesting support an effortless process for all Innovation Boutique™ Partners and clients.

Support is an absolute top priority for Innovation Boutique™ which is why we work closely with all our partners and potential partners to plan ahead for all possible maintenance requirements. We will carefully analyse the level of support and upkeep your website may require and this includes calculating the appropriate amount of time to make available for necessary changes or updates to your website in future. Once we have established your needs, we then suggest a particular bespoke maintenance package that is best-suited to your requirements and your budget.

We offer three options in terms of how we can manage your website’s maintenance

1) Partner program

This program is an ongoing maintenance and support partnership between you and Innovation Boutique™ and can be compared to a vehicle service plan. We greatly encourage the use of these individually crafted maintenance packages because we believe that it is the absolute best way to ensure your website never becomes out-dated. Each package is allocated a pre-determined amount of maintenance hours which is tailored specifically for each individual website’s requirements. What happens when you don’t use all your allocated hours in a month? We allow you to carry over up to 100% of your agreed monthly hours to the next month. This should never happen though since we will generally not allocate more hours to your website than you need in the first place.

2) Maintenance bundles (“Pay-as-you-go”)

We offer a second innovative approach to ongoing work on your website and this involves the purchasing of a “pre-paid” bundle of maintenance hours as and when you need it.  These maintenance hours can then be used for any type of support requests without the need for quotations or invoices with each request.

These two main packages from Innovation Boutique™ help ensure that your website is always fresh and up to date and your request receives the premium attention it requires.

3) Ad Hoc basis

Finally if you are unsure about committing to either of our excellent maintenance packages initially, we can manage the process on an ad hoc basis through quotations and invoices. This can then be limited to your discretion – only as and when work is required.

Regardless of whether you are an Innovation Boutique™ Partner or not, we will endeavour to always respond to requests within 24 – 48 hours, however, please remember  that unless you have available maintenance hours, most requests will need to be quoted for before we begin working on them.

As mentioned right at the beginning you have a variety of channels at your disposal through which to contact us with your queries. It is important to us that you always have peace of mind about our products so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact Innovation Boutique™ via our Premium Support Portal

  1. Complete the form on our website, or simply click on the “support” button on the right-hand side throughout the website.
  2. Email us at
  3. Tweet us with the word “support” or “help” at @iBoutiqueZA
  4. Send us a direct message on Facebook on our page.
  5. You can simply register and login on This support site allows you to easily create a new support ticket, track the progress of existing tickets or view your complete request history. This is a particularly handy tool for Innovation Boutique’s Exclusive Partners to keep tabs on how many maintenance hours they have remaining in any given month.

When creating any request or ticket you will need to provide Innovation Boutique™ with some valuable information. So we’ve put together the below information which will automatically speed up the request-handling process.

A few things to consider when requesting support

What type of request is this?

1. Support request

Post your request to this category if you have discovered something on you website that is not functioning as it should. If we host your website, and you are experiencing any problems, then this is the right category for you to log a request in as well. Generally post to this category when something is broken.

2. Change Request or New Content

This type of request needs to be logged when you need us to update or change something on your website. We actually encourage this type of request because regular updates to your website will prevent it from becoming stagnant plus search engines love new and fresh content. This would include things like changing a slider or adding a news item to your home page. Keep in mind that apart from search engines prioritising websites with new content, such changes keep your users engaged and ensure that they return to your website regularly. Our Partners will be able to use their allocated maintenance hours for this purpose as well.

3. New feature request

It is vital for your business to expand and innovate continuously so we believe your website should be no different. This request type would refer to a large change or additional new feature that you may require from your website. Possible examples could include a new section or page on the website or any additional functionality that needs to be built in. Through our modular approach to creating websites, we have made it easy to expand on your existing website or build in additional sections.

4. General Question

Any other query that you may have that did not fit into one of the previous categories.

How urgent is your request

In an ideal world, all requests can be completed at lightning speed, unfortunately that is not always possible so when creating a new request, we do ask you to indicate the proper level of urgency to assist us in prioritising your requests. 

Below are some guidelines to help you select establish the appropriate level of priority:

  1. Low – Needs attention in the next week or two.
  2. Medium – Needs attention within a week.
  3. High – Needs attention before the end of the current week.
  4. Urgent – Needs attention the same day.

The following 5 things also go a long way towards assisting us to solve your support requests speedily so also keep these in mind whilst creating a support ticket:

  1. What page you are experiencing a problem on? (URL of page)
  2. Attach a screenshot of the problem / error.
  3. What platform you are working on? (PC / Mac)
  4. What web browser you are using and the version? (e.g. Internet Explorer 10)
  5. Any other information that you deem important for us to be able to solve the problem.

In Summary

We aim to ensure that we always provide an exceptional quality product along with brilliant on-going service-delivery and support. Our Partner program is the perfect way to receive this premium service on a continuous basis. At Innovation Boutique™, we pride ourselves in delivering a hands-on experience where we are available to our clients as and when they have any digital requirements. We are especially excited about the implementation of our Premium Support Portal, a particularly valuable tool for our Partner Program. It enables us to deliver a premium customer experience by allowing everyone to keep tabs on support requests and their progress. This is one of the best ways we’ve found to help keep your website current and fresh. Your digital asset is kept updated and secure and will not age.

Our focus lies with aligning ourselves with you and your business objectives to ensure you gain the best possible value from your website along with the provision of top-quality on-going support.

Get in touch today to enquire about or Partner Program or our pre-paid maintenance packages. Enquire NOW

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