BoutiqueMAIL is your email marketing solution

BoutiqueMAIL is your email marketing solution

We know from experience that email marketing is one of the best ways to cultivate customer relationships.  It allows you to keep in touch and connected to your clients in a simple and cost-effective way. Unlike other types of marketing (where you often cross your fingers and hope that a viable prospect sees the content) – emails arrive directly in your target market’s inbox! This is an immeasurable advantage because it serves as a regular reminder of your brand or business and it offers them the option to make buying decisions on the spot. Best of all – your Return on Investment (ROI) for each campaign is completely measurable when you make use of the right tools.

Innovation Boutique is introducing our latest product offering: BoutiqueMAIL – The ultimate solution in managing your business email marketing campaigns YOUR way. This innovative product is packed with useful features that allows you to not only create and send bulk emails, but also to view and manage a full post-campaign report, giving you the data you need to continuously improve your marketing effectiveness.


What Makes BoutiqueMAIL different?

1) You can create & send your own Email campaigns

01. Choose from one of the many professional templates already available.

02. On the BoutiqueMAIL “Monthly Unlimited” option you will receive a complementary custom template –designed to your specifications.

03. Maintenance hours are included on most of our Monthly Unlimited packages – should you need assistance at any point during the process.

04. You are able to preview your email during the editing process.

05. Sending bulk email campaigns and newsletters is a stress-free, straight-forward process.

06. BoutiqueMAIL gives you complete sender control which means that customising “From” details, subject lines and a reply address can be done without any hassle.

07. Through domain authentication we are able to ensure that your email is not blocked by SPAM filters.

08. You have the option to create and schedule campaigns in advance so you can plan ahead and have BoutiqueMAIL complete the sending process at your specified time.

 2) Easily manage your subscriber list from our friendly, online client-interface.

01. BoutiqueMAIL handles bounced emails & unsubscribes automatically, eliminating the hassle of manually removing these email recipients from your subscriber list.

02. The system distinguishes between different types of bounced emails to avoid continuous money-wasting on email recipients that aren’t viable – ensuring that you get the most out of every email campaign.

“Hard” bounces: Refers to email addresses that do not exist anymore. These email addresses are removed from your list along with unsubscribers’ email addresses.
“Soft” bounces: This refers to a “still a viable” email address but – for example – the recipient’s email server timed out. These email addresses will remain on your subscriber list.

03. Easily create targeted segments of subscribers thanks to the exceptional detail that BoutiqueMAIL can provide regarding exactly who opened which link in your email. This makes for a fantastic testing platform for new campaigns, different subject lines etc.

 3) Reporting & analytics that actually adds value

01. BoutiqueMAIL makes use of a simple but extremely powerful reporting system that provides you with feedback that is easy to understand and analyse for future campaigns.

02. This tool allows you to measure the effectiveness of each of your email campaigns.

03. We go beyond open and click rates by also measuring conversions & ROI through integration with Google Analytics.

04. Should you require assistance with research and development of an email marketing campaign, the BoutiqueMAIL software can accommodate automatic A/B split testing with variations in design, subject lines, images and/or content for comparisons of the same campaign in order to discover your email marketing “sweet spot”.

05. BoutiqueMAIL reports are updated in REAL TIME so you always have access to the very latest data.


BoutiqueMAIL offers two pricing options:

1) Buy Credits in Bulk (“Pay-as-you-go”)

  • Cost-effective for low volume senders
  • No Monthly charges
  • Only pay when using the service


2) Monthly Unlimited Subscription 

  • Great for regular senders
  • Fixed Monthly charges
  • Send unlimited emails to your subscribers


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