At Innovation Boutique™ we have identified and grouped our set of services into three key areas. These are in line with the three-step approach we take for all our projects. The first step focuses on production – i.e. the creation of your digital asset. This is the most important part of our service but the story cannot end when this phase is complete. That is why we also take our approach to the second step in the process very seriously – the marketing of your website. In the final step of our approach we shift our focus towards maintaining your digital asset. Here we look after everything that keeps your website functional and exceptional, including regular updates to security and ongoing implementation of latest technologies. This ensures that it continues to be a valuable addition to your company’s marketing resources.

We are experienced and confident in every process we have in place for our website designing and building methodology. We love trying new technologies to ensure that our products along with our services are always fresh and innovative.


Website design and development

Website design and development is the heart and soul of Innovation Boutique™. We are passionate about using our extensive experience to materialise your vision of your company’s online presence through your website.  We are confident in our ability to provide a visually appealing design combined with the best possible functionality and support. We also offer a brilliant Partner Program that will provide you with as much or as little maintenance and updates to security as your website might require.

Responsive web design

In this day and age with so many different ways the internet is accessible to the user it could be immensely detrimental to your business if your website was unable to seamlessly adapt to all these platforms.

Innovation Boutique™ is on the fore-front of responsive web design.

Mobile websites

Some projects often require a mobile specific website. Innovation Boutique™ can develop many different forms of mobile websites according to your exact needs and requirements – while at the same time ensuring the best possible functionality across the endless (and ever-increasing) range of mobile devices.

Interactive / Presentations

The key to a fantastic presentation is captivating your audience with passion and to drive home a unique message with great impact. Innovation Boutique™ is able to ensure this kind of success for any of your presentations. We have valuable experience to be able to advise on the best ways to structure and present your topic – regardless of your industry.

eCommerce Websites

Your website may require more than simply an online presence and this is where Innovation Boutique™ can step in to design a fully functional visually appealing virtual storefront or eCommerce website with a built-in payment gateway of your choice.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For anyone with a commercial website this may be one of the most important things to get right from the start with a new website. Innovation Boutique™ has vast experience in this multifaceted area of website development. We will guide you in the website content creation process in order to ensure that your website displays as high as possible on search results relating to your business. We will also assist or advise you on best practices to maintain and even improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Email marketing

Email Marketing is a fantastic method of getting your message to people who have already shown an interest in your product or service. We will provide a professional and sophisticated look and also be able to deliver detailed statistics on the effectiveness of each email sent. This will provide you with the ability to strategize accordingly for future campaigns. BoutiqueMAIL is our very own product that will allow you to achieve your email marketing objectives.

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Social Media

Using Social Media to gain increased website traffic or attention can be exceptionally valuable for your company. This type of marketing is all about users creating and sharing content with their networks. This results in a more “pure” form of word of mouth referral since it actually comes as a recommendation from a trusted third party as opposed to the company itself. Innovation Boutique™ can incorporate Social Media into your existing marketing approach by placing strategic posts that will hopefully encourage users to keep sharing your content ensuring continuous traffic to your website.


Agile marketing

The goals of Agile Marketing are to improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function. It is the preference to rather plan for and respond to change than simply following a set plan. The idea centres around working in rapid iterations instead of working on one large project with a start and end date.

It applies to marketing in the sense that we will look at your strategies and their results on an ongoing basis and assess if changes need to be applied and where. Innovation Boutique™ can assist you with getting this marketing methodology right so as to create more flexibility in your marketing plan that will benefit your business both in the short-term and in the long-term.

Display advertising

When used as a marketing tool on external websites, display advertising has the added advantage of its visual appeal. It can be used to drive sales or as a brand-building exercise.

When looking at it from a publisher’s perspective, display advertising on your own website can be a lucrative source of income. Innovation Boutique™ can assist in setting this up, managing campaigns or any training needs as they occur.

Search engine marketing (Google AdWords)

Search engine marketing allows you to target specific keywords and this then can be used in conjunction with SEO or on its own. It is a great method to drive search engine traffic where SEO might fall short. An added advantage of this marketing method is the speed at which you can change and adapt campaigns to your requirements.

Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the massive boom in technology over the last decade, social media has filtered through into almost every segment of society and it stands to reason that your website will benefit exponentially with a level of Social Media Marketing. Strategically placing ads on different Social Media platforms will provide you with an additional, very valuable angle to your marketing function. Innovation Boutique™ has extensive experience in utilising this form of marketing successfully and will be able to assist with the planning and successful implementation of your Social Media Marketing plan.

Content Marketing

Effective marketing is based on a two-way conversation that happens person to person. Content marketing however is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is engagement marketing – allowing conversations to happen naturally and freely around your brand or product. When you provide your clients with consistent, ongoing valuable information, they will ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.

It is a lot more cost effective to market to and maintain current customers than to acquire new customers. In the digital marketing arena, your website is the focus of your entire digital marketing strategy but it is important to not bombard your clients with commercial messages only. Content Marketing creates the space for free-flowing information relevant to your brand and business with the purpose of educating and enlightening your customer. This in turn will build trust for your brand because you have provided your customer with the ability to make an informed decision if they do decide to buy your product or service.


Iterative Maintenance

We believe in partnering with our clients after creating their website and this something exceptional and exclusive that Innovation Boutique™ has designed specifically as part of our Partner Program. Our focus here is on partnering with you and in the long run to look after your most expensive online asset – your website. Our Partner Program endeavours to keep your website fully updated and in good shape – not unlike servicing your car on a regular basis. Contact us for more information on this pioneering method of online asset management.


We have several options that will provide hosting for your website on a secure virtual server. This means that only Innovation Boutique™ – secured websites will be sharing this server – minimising the risk of your website being affected by malicious attacks.  Being a virtual server you also reduce the risk of your host-server crashing, being stolen or being down due to hardware failure.

Our hosting also includes a fantastic website monitoring service that will alert us about all unexpected activity or downtime on your website, ensuring we can minimise any disruption that may occur.

Website Security

Without adequate security on your website, it could be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

We build your website in such a way that once we launch you can be confident that all the necessary security measures are already in place. A feature that forms part of all our Audit Packages is that we do regular security checks on your website to ensure everything is in place and we manage this process on a continual basis.


Making secure regular backups are crucial for any website.  In the unforeseen situation where something does go wrong, regular backups allows for a contingency plan that includes the very latest version of your website.  It is very important that your website backup strategy takes into account how regularly your website content changes –we will be able to advise you on what type of backup plan would best suit your website-type.

Innovation Boutique™ takes care of all the necessary tasks to ensure that secured backups of your website are made regularly and stored in 3 different locations that are easily accessibly at any given moment.

Reporting and Analytics

The biggest advantage in today’s digital marketing age is the fact that every last detail is measurable but you cannot access any of the data if it is not recorded.

We focus on establishing your business goals in order to set-up reporting and analytics to ensure we record the data for all applicable aspects. The data can then be formulated into reports to evaluate and measure key performance indicators.

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