Now, more than ever, businesses can’t afford simply have an online presence and leave it be for months on end. Performing iterative maintenance ensures the longevity of your website – this eliminates the need to perform a complete website overhaul every couple of years.

Your Innovation Boutique website will never age since we continuously work to upgrade its technology and security.

Innovation Boutique takes security very seriously and we take every possible precaution to ensure your website is safe, backed-up and secured to prevent malicious attacks.

Below is a list of the services we offer in this area:

Iterative Maintenance

We believe in partnering with our clients after creating their website and this something exceptional and exclusive that Innovation Boutique™ has designed specifically as part of our Partner Program. Our focus here is on partnering with you and in the long run to look after your most expensive online asset – your website. Our Partner Program endeavours to keep your website fully updated and in good shape – not unlike servicing your car on a regular basis. Contact us for more information on this pioneering method of online asset management.


We have several options that will provide hosting for your website on a secure virtual server. This means that only Innovation Boutique™ – secured websites will be sharing this server – minimising the risk of your website being affected by malicious attacks.  Being a virtual server you also reduce the risk of your host-server crashing, being stolen or being down due to hardware failure.

Our hosting also includes a fantastic website monitoring service that will alert us about all unexpected activity or downtime on your website, ensuring we can minimise any disruption that may occur.

Website Security

Without adequate security on your website, it could be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

We build your website in such a way that once we launch you can be confident that all the necessary security measures are already in place. A feature that forms part of all our Audit Packages is that we do regular security checks on your website to ensure everything is in place and we manage this process on a continual basis.


Making secure regular backups are crucial for any website.  In the unforeseen situation where something does go wrong, regular backups allows for a contingency plan that includes the very latest version of your website.  It is very important that your website backup strategy takes into account how regularly your website content changes –we will be able to advise you on what type of backup plan would best suit your website-type.

Innovation Boutique™ takes care of all the necessary tasks to ensure that secured backups of your website are made regularly and stored in 3 different locations that are easily accessibly at any given moment.

Reporting and Analytics

The biggest advantage in today’s digital marketing age is the fact that every last detail is measurable but you cannot access any of the data if it is not recorded.

We focus on establishing your business goals in order to set-up reporting and analytics to ensure we record the data for all applicable aspects. The data can then be formulated into reports to evaluate and measure key performance indicators.

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