Innovation Boutique™ has made the firm decision to be pioneering and unlike our competition in most respects. Our strategy is aimed to perfectly align with our service methodology – focussing on three key aspects: Production, Marketing and Maintenance. The importance of such a methodology in our line of work cannot be overstated. We believe we have worked out the perfect combination of creative aspects with some extremely important maintenance facets.

We want you to have complete peace of mind about our approach to creating and maintaining your website so we believe that with this strategy – we are best able to offer you that peace of mind.


Innovation Boutique™ is passionate about custom designing and handcrafting websites on a per-project basis which ensures your online presence is as unique as your business offering…



Once the production process is complete and your website is live – it is not recommended to simply leave it at the mercy of search engines to ensure potential clients discover your business first…



We have taken an extraordinary approach to website maintenance of our clients’ digital assets. This is how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and ensure that our clients always get the best out of our products…