Website Production

Innovation Boutique™ is passionate about custom designing and handcrafting websites on a per-project basis. We begin the process by meeting with you personally in order to get a feel for your business’ specific requirements and what you are looking to achieve with your website.

The planning and project management is then handled by Innovation Boutique™ entirely. We do however view this as a collaborative and interactive process so we will request regular iterative feedback from you. This will afford you the opportunity to give your on-going input on the design and layout of the user interface during this critical design phase.

Once the design is accepted and finalised, we can start building the website according to the planned specifications. This is a tremendously exciting time where you will see your ideas slowly start coming to life. We will give you regular previews as well as opportunities to test the functionality of the site to ensure that we are on-track to meet your business goals and objectives with your website.

The iterative and rigorous testing process we follow ensures that your website launch is a simple, stress-free process, allowing you to immediately start reaping the benefits of everything your brand new website will now be able to contribute to your business goals.

Website Production cycle strategy by Innovation Boutique

Once we are done with the production of your new digital asset, we move to the Digital Marketing Phase